Squeekers 2017

Ever since first hearing of this event I wanted to visit it, but the date never suited my schedule. This year it did and I was so happy to finally visit this event!


Squeekers is a very adorable small event, which is focused on the creative mind. There are different workshops, a fanfiction & fanart helpdesk, a food stand (for the hungry tummies!), a J-fashion show, picture corner.. It was cute and small and very intimate.I really liked the event, mostly because you got to talk to people you usually don’t talk to. You get to make new friends because it’s so small!


They also had a Bingo card, which I found a fun thing to do! I certainly got very fired up trying to get as many things crossed off as possible. You already got a goody bag with one row, but I just found it fun to try and get as many as I could!


I went to the posing workshop. The girl giving it certainly knew so much about it! It was fun, because she wasn’t as serious as other workshop givers. It suited the overall atmopshere, because it was very airy and there was just so much room for funny comments and squestions.


Another thing I greatly enjoyed was the J-fashion show! I have a weakspot for J-fashion, especially the Lolita and the Visual Kei styles! So when I noticed that there was a J-fashion show I more or less squeeled a bit.


The whole event was so much fun and really well done! I want to compliment the crew and staff for a job greatly done! I will be visiting again next year!

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