Ermelo 2017

If you follow me on any Social Media you probably know I went away for the weekend with a couple of friends. Because I’ve been totally spamming it everywhere! Here are the pictures that I took there! It was only three days but I had such a fun time!

The first day we spend in the little home, which was adorable! I absolutely loved it! Look at all those little details, I just find those very adorable. We got settled in and played some games together, watched some tv. You know the deal. We’re geeks after all!

The second day we went for a walk through the nature of Ermelo, which was absolutely amazing! There was so much green around the place and I’ve taken a great deal of pictures. It was filled with little farms, vacation houses and much more! So cute ~

The third day was mainly packing and going home as we would go home that day. We went into Amersfort for a few hours, which was a city close by Ermelo. And those were all my pictures of my vacation in Ermelo! I really enjoyed myself. Next time we have to go longer then just three days. Maybe a mid-week or a full week.. At least it’s really pretty and calm over there!

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