Brussel 2017

In my summer vacation I visited Brussel and I really had a good time! It was such a beautiful city and it was a place where I wanted to go for a very long time. Of course I snapped way too much pictures and want to share them with you all!


First of all, we arrived at Brussel Central. The funny thing was that this whole station had both Dutch and French words all over it. So everytime we passed something with French on it, I tried to pronounce it and would butcher it. Because I’m thát good at French! (Seriously though.. I can’t even say a full sentence correctly! So it was hilarious.) I went together with my best friend; Peter. Which you probably saw in the vlog already as well!


Our first stop was the Atomium, which I wanted to visit for quite a while now. We took the metro to get there and went into this thing.


Inside there were quite a few things on display. The things I liked the most were about the Atomium itself, like the building drawings and everything like that.


At one point you could look outside and this was what you saw. You could see a big portion of Brussel from here!


The Atomium had a funny tunnel, which had these lights and music and a lot of flickering. It was a fun ride and I almost went all the way up again to have another go. Though.. we wanted to see more of Brussel than just the Atomium!


You could take an elevator to get all the way up to the highest point of the Atomium, which we did of course! We got a magnificent view of Brussel! Of course, I had to take a selfie like a true tourist!


There was a lot of these kind of statues all around Brussel! They were green and not very clean, but still very pretty!


We also walked towards the royal palace, which you couldn’t enter. I really wanted to see it from the inside. But oh well, it was also really pretty from the outside! The gardens were my favorite part from the whole palace. It was just so pretty and well kept!


There were so many churches in Brussel, I think we visited like 4 churches or something. They were all very different! This one was very light coloured!


We stumbled onto a place in Brussel where we had an amazing view! Of course I had to snap this picture! Just look at this view, isn’t it pretty?


Obviously I needed a picture with this view.. So yeah..


We found a store that sold these chocolate dipped strawberries.. They were hella expensive though! Like 8 euros for 4 strawberries. Not doing that!


What we did do was buy a few chocolates to enjoy! We each got ourselves four chocolates and that was already expensive enough!


Fun fact: The Chocolaterie was called Corné. We noticed this when we were about to open the bag.. My boyfriends name is also Corné… We hád to snap a picture and send it to him. We had a good laugh over it!


This was another must see for me.. ‘Manneke Pis’ or “Man Pee” in english.. It sounds funnier in Dutch! It’s this funny statue of a kid peeing in a fountain.


Had to snap another selfie with this peeing dude, obviously!


Yet another church picture! This one had a darker interiour, but still looked really pretty with it’s golden details! I loved this book standard the most!


And a picture from outside the church. I love the architecture in this city!

That were my pictures of Brussel! I had such an amazing time and we saw so much! We arived around 11 o clock in the morning and left around 7 o clock in the evening. We had a full eight hours and only took the Metro twice (towards the Atomium and back to the city), the rest of the day we went by foot! I really reccomend going by foot, because you’ll discover places you won’t discover otherwise!

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