I was looking for a series which I could watch now that school is over. First on my list was Crazyhead. I did not expect it to be this entertaining! With an opening scene like this, I did not think the series would capture me like this.

So.. We kinda start with Amy pissing all over her friend and Raquel rambling some Latin. Great start! Already made me giggle, which kinda set the tone for the entire series. At first I didn’t know if I should be freaked out or amazed by the weirdness of this series.

I have to say I absolutely loved Raquel! She had the anti-heroe vibes that I love. We get to know her secret along the way. We also get a few other surprises and plottwists that I didn’t see coming.. Or maybe I was just taking this series too lightly.

The jokes were also delivered very well! It only had 6 episodes, so it did not take me long to see them all. This series sure captured me, with it’s silly characters and slight awkward feel. Overall it was a pretty good series. One with a good story line and nice characters. But also one you shouldn’t take too serious or too lightly.

My rating: ❤❤❤ Good

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