AHS Season 7 Premiere

That I love myself some American Horror Story is not exactly a secret. I love this series to no end! But since I had my exams to worry about, I didn’t get to see the season 7 premiere until recently! I still wanted to talk about it, though.

It appears that this season is all about american politics. It starts on election night, when Donald Trump wins the election. I’m not sure if I like this choice of subject, though. But I guess the rest of the episode had to prove it for me. As I was watching I noticed a lot of phobias thrown in the mix. I am not sure what to think about all of this. We’ll see where it goes, though!

Like I said, it starts with Donald Trump winning the election. This kinda splits the nation in two. But soon enough a cult is thrown in the mix! The scary part about this season is that it’s pretty relatable. We’re met with the usual faces of the familiar cast. But a few new ones are thrown in as well. It’s refreshing to see new faces appear in such a familair crowd.

In this season we have two factions, the ones that love Trump and the ones that hates him. We follow both factions as they both have their own story. We see the election through their eyes. The faction who hates him is primarily showed through the eyes of a lesbian couple, who are played by Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill. Ally (Sarah’s character) is the one we follow the most. She suffers from different kinds of phobia’s and that is what makes it very interesting. These phobia’s are very ‘hot’ right now.
Then we have Kai, played by my belover Evan Peters (I am a big fan of his!). He is a big lover of Trump and he even models himself after trump. In the beginning we see him putting cheetos in a blender and making his face orange. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. Kai is like a mini-trump. All powerful, all knowing.. But this makes his character a bit uninteresting. I hope they fix this with the coming episodes.

We also have the return of Twisty! Yay~ That makes me happy, because I love that horror clown! There are wáy more clowns in this season, though. Killer clowns, to be exactly. And there is way more to this first episode.
For example, we also have Winter Anderson, played by Billie Lourd. An actress I like because of her performance in Scream Queens. She makes a deal with Kai and then is off to babysit the kid from our lesbian couple. Of course this goes wrong and well.. You’ll have to watch the episode to figure out more!

I’m not really sure what to think of this first episode.. It has a lot of good points, but also a lot of points I’m not so sure about. One thing is for sure: The first episode of Cult is already better then the first episode of Roanoke!

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  1. I love AHS but I dropped this season pretty much right away. Maybe it’s hitting too close to home with the politics. It has tons of actors I love but even that’s not enough to get me to hang in there.

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