Schiermonnikoog 2017

I returned from my vacation and I seriously had a wonderful time! Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write a blogpost about it!

Schiermonnikoog was a lot of fun. We also had good weather, which of course helped a lot! I vlogged there of course, but I also made a whole lot of pictures which I wanted to share with you! I go to Schiermonnikoog every year and want to see a new part of the island every time I visit. Why I visit every year? Well, I have a couple of friends living there, so I also spend a whole lot of time with them instead of going around the island. These are my pictures of this year!


First, boarding the boat of course! Which was quite a big deal for me, since I don’t like boats.. On the water.. Yeah.. But I did it! Yay!


Also made a little friend on the boat this time! Some guys decided to feed him crackers. He actually ate out of their hand! Which was really fun to see!


The first day we rested, since we arived quite late. So I spend some time with my friends. The next day we took a little walk! First we walked along the paths in the little vilage, seeing the cute little houses they had there! Look how adorable ~



There also was a whole lot of green! I couldn’t help snapping a few pictures since we had marvelous weather! Look at this blue sky, isn’t it simply beautiful?


We went towards the beach! It was quite big, but what did I expect? I was on a freaking island after all… So yeah…


Some guy had this really huge kite that was quite hypnotic to me. It just kept swooping circles and I was like “I want to try that!”… Sadly I was not allowed.. Maybe next year? Maybe.. I hope so!



I needed a picture with the sea! Woohoo! I love how they came out, because the sea looks really nice on the background!


Beach waves!


More beach waves! I just really liked how the waves crashed into the land. Couldn’t stop staring at it. The beach also was really calming.


We also decided to go see the lighthouse. Which of course asked for another picture of me with the lighthouse in the background! Because generic holiday pictures and all that! I really like them though ~ And that’s the most important!


It was quite a walk towards the lighthouse, but it was worth it. I really wanted to go inside, but it’s still in use. Which means we couldn’t go inside. But it was still fun to see! And it was actually red! Last lighthouse I saw (somewhere inbetween two rivers) wasn’t even red… So yay for the red lighthouse!


A little close-up from the lighthouse. I really like all the wires and stuff that stick out of it. It looks really advanced!

The third day I traveled home and took some time around Leeuwarden (which will be another post! Don’t worry about it!) I really enjoyed my weekend on Schiermonnikoog and want to come back again next year! I still want to see the drunes and the other side of the island as well! What are you going to do this summer vacation?


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