Plans for 2018

It’s been quiet for the past few months on my blog. This is mainly because my exams are in full swing right now. Still, I’m not giving up on blogging! I’ll continue this passion of mine! But first; 2017 is ending! So these are my plans for 2018!Post once a week again
I want to get back into the blogging game! But let’s start slowly, ok? I’ll start trying to post once a week starting from Januari 1st. This geek girl will be back in business and is going to do her best!

Continue my exams and finish school
This one probably is the most important one. Even though I love blogging as much as I do.. School is my future and I need to put that first. So I want to finish school in 2018. If I have to put blogging on a lower pit for that.. So be it! I hope you guys respect that choice of mine.

Upload weekly on my YT channel again
This one kinda goes with my ‘post once a week again’ plan for 2018. I’ll continue doing my weekly vlogs and post them to YouTube. It’s something I still enjoy doing and really want to continue.

So these are my only plans, really. I am so sorry for the quiet few months. I have just been really busy with my exams and I really want to finish school. Thank you for understanding and you’ll see me back in 2018!

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