Happy List – May 2017

It’s so incredibly important to think about the positive things in our lives! So, I am going to do an articles about it every month! Let’s get started with May’s list!

In May there were quite some things that made me happy. Let’s start with the wonderful weather!


I mean, look at this amazing blue sky! The temperature didn’t get below 20 the past two weeks. I enjoyed it as much as I can inbetween classes and my internship!


I bought an awesome new bikini; This mermaid one! Isn’t it adorable? Of course, I went to the beach. We had amazing weather after all. I enjoyed it so much, even though I didn’t touch the freaking water. I didn’t even get a tan, sadly enough. But it was the very first time we went to the beach this year! Yay! Summer has started!


Of course I took my very awesome Guardians of the Galaxy beachtowel along! Look at this little gem! Wahhhh, love it so much! I did get a lot of compliments about this one.


I discovered the wonderful food from the Eazie. Which is pretty much a wok restaurant, which is also a fastfood restaurant. They called it slow fast food or something.. Whatever it was, it was delicious!


We all knew this moment had to come: I bought a Pokemon Go Plus! I love it so much, because now I can play Pokemon Go while having classes without having the teacher noticing ~ Hehe. It’s also very handy if I am on a walk. In one day I went from 58 pokeballs to 106 pokeballs and cought a whole lot of pokemon! LOVING this buy of mine!

img_20170527_131140Keltfest is one of my favorite fantasy related festivals from the year. This year we were incredibly lucky with the weather! It was 32 degrees celcius! Celtic music, good food, larping.. It was a good time!


I also discovered this new series called “Curious and unusual deaths”, which is about weird causes of death. It’s pretty interesting, as they figure out how it happened. I wouldn’t call it scary, though. But this horror fan still loved it!

Those were my happy things of May! What things made you really happy?

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  1. That mermaid bathing suit is adorable! Yay for beach weather, right? And I’m super interested in the Pokemon Go Plus, so I’m glad to hear you’re loving it!

    1. I love my Mermaid Bathing Suit <3 Yay for beach weather indeed! I'll upload a review about the pokemon go plus soon!

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