Happy List – June 2017

June is already over and it was an amazing month! There were many things that made me happy and of course I have to share them all with you guys! It’s important to stand still at the positive things in life, after all!


I got to read this amazing book by Derek Vasconi! I enjoyed it so much! Also, he signed it, which makes me even more happy!


Talking about reading.. I’ve read around five books this month. That’s the first time in ages that I went on a reading spree! I’ll be reviewing a few books on this blog, so stay tuned!


Went to Moshi Moshi Fair for the first time ever. Also got to write another convention/event report post. I love doing those!


Had a BBQ with a group of friends, as you got to see in WeekVlog #5. It was so much fun! I just love being random with my friends.


I got the chance to make many children happy, by packing birthday boxes In the Netherlands there are many children who can’t celebrate their birthday. With these boxes they can! They include some decoration, cakemix, two presents, some snacks for school, snacks for at home.. It’s just such a great feeling to be able to help others.


I went to the Harry Potter Expo. I mean, this probably is what made me the happiest this month. My inner fangirl was going wild. The article is coming soon! It certainly was a great time, I got to see so many movie props!


I also got to see Wonder Woman this month. It’s such an amazing movie!

That was what made me happy in June! It was such a great month~ I hope July will be just as amazing!

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