Happy List – July 2017

I can’t believe it’s August already! This obviously means that I’ll be making a happy list again to share with all of you! Again, there were many things to be happy about this month! I’ll give you a hint: There was a lot of food involved!


In July I went to Squeekers for the very first time and I truly did enjoy it! My whole after Con report can be read here! It was this cute little event with as main point creativity and fashion!


I visit Leeuwarden a lot but never really took the time to look around! It’s a pretty city, I have to say! The vlog you can find on my Youtube Channel. It is a pretty city with a lot of small waters and bridges!


I really like to travel and have a severe case of Wanderlust. This month I got to travel to Belgium. Brussel to be exact! You’ll be seeing a report about this on my blog very soon!


I love random grafity and streetart, especially when they show creativity. This one certainly brought a smile to my face! I call him Monsieur Wortél. Wortel is the dutch word for Carrot. I had quite a few laughs about this carrot and the name I gave it.


This icecream was too pretty to eat! It’s a Gala Melon stuffed with sorbet ice and a whole lot of fruit! It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite of it ~


I just said that thing about Wanderlust, right? Well, I got to see another city of my very own country: Breda! I actually went to see a friend and shop a little. But it was the perfect opportunity to take a look around as well. We went to the highest point of the town that we could get into and I snapped this picture!


More food? Yes, more food! Peter made this delicious lactose free cake for me! That reminds me that I must bug him for the recipe. This cake was véry sweet, but I didn’t mind that at all! After all, I’m quite a sweet tooth!


We had a little Music Festival in my hometown as well. The music wasn’t quite my taste, but I did enjoy the overall atmosphere. And it gave me another excuse to get out of the house!


This was the most delicious Calzone that I had ever had. It was stuffed with Shoarma, smelled a whole lot like garlic and was simply sooo delicious!


I also went to an amusement park with a friend I don’t see often enough. I am quite a thrill seeker, so obviously I went into all the rollercoasters. My friend wasn’t that fond of collercoasters, though. He still went with me into a few, which weren’t too heavy for him. We had a delightful time! By the way, the amusement park we went to was Walibi Holland. You can see the weeklyvlog on my Youtube Channel very soon!


Last but not least, more food! Or actually more desert.. To be exact; More icecream! I love icecream and it just makes me so incredibly happy! Especially when I get to share it with a friend, then it tastes just so much sweeter!

Those were the things that made me happy in July! What made you happy the past month?

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