Happy List – August 2017

September has started and that means that it’s time to look back to all the happy things in August! This month there were many things making me happy again! 

We traveled around a lot this summer, so I got to see a few new cities. Amersfoort was one of those cities! I really loved how cute the streets and houses were!

We went to Scheveningen, one of the dutch beaches! There they had this beach restaurant called ‘The fat mermaid” which amused me wáy more than it should. LOVED the name of this restaurant! But it was quite expensive so we didn’t had lunch there…

Also in Scheveningen, we stayed for the fireworks. It was really pretty! The Pier was also really pretty at night, which I never saw before. We usually leave before nightfall. I’m glad we didn’t this time because the beach at night is just soooo pretty!

I finally got a chance to see the new Efteling Attraction! I really enjoyed it.

At the Efteling I also got to meet my favorite Twitch Streamer: Mathia! She used to stream in English, but now streams in Dutch. I still like her, no matter which language she streams!

At my boyfriends home town, they have this tradition thingy. Every five years they have some kind of ‘light’ festival. Well, it wasn’t at all what I expected! It was filled with this kind of displays. Some were really impressive! Let’s just say I really enjoyed myself ~

This was my list of Happy things! What made you really happy in August?

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