30 before 30

Right now, I am 24 years old. Which means that I have 6 years left before I’m thirty… That sounds pretty long, but I’m sure it’ll be gone in a flash. So, time to think about what I want to do before I turn 30!
1. Learn a new language
2. Get my degree
3. Learn how to drive a car and get my license

4. Travel overseas
5. See all the capitals of the Netherlands
6. Travel to three different countries in Europe
7. Visit the united kingdom

Just for Fun
8. Go to Disneyland Paris
9. Visit all the themeparks in The Netherlands
10. Reread all the Harry Potter movies
11. Watch all the Marvel movies & Series in chronological order.
12. Watch all the cult classics.
13. Watch 100 horror movies
14. Attend a music festival
15. Have another Harry Potter Marathon
16. See my favorite bands live (For as far as that is possible)

17. Sport regulary
18. Attempt Yoga
19. Start roller skating

20. Go to a gun shooting range
21. Learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow
22. Walk a barefoot path

Just for me
23. Improve my photography skills
24. Reach as many milestones as I can
25. Start writing a journal
26. Take more weekends off
27. Learn how to deal with my chronical disease
28. Do 30 days of something
29. Learn how to sew
30. Visit as many anime conventions & Fantasy Festivals as I can

That is my huge-ass list of all the things I want to do before I turn 30! What do you want to do before you turn thirty?

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  1. Great goals! It might be a few years before you turn 30, but it’s a good idea to set goals ourselves and where we want to go. Best of luck with all of them.

  2. Aww, what an epic list! I used to have a list like this that I haven’t looked at in years, haha. I should probably dig that up and take a look:P I hope you get to cross a lot of these off! So many awesome things to look forward to!

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