Harry Potter Expo 2017

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In June 2017 I went to the Harry Potter Expo! It exceeded my wildest expectations. My inner fangirl was going wild. It was just such an amazing experience! Of course I have to share my whole experience with you guys!

I can’t believe I actually got to see a whole bunch of movie props, the actual clothing that the actors wore and so much more! I have to warn you, because this article will be mostly pictures, with me commenting what it is exactly or fangirling below the pictures.


When you came into the building, the first thing you saw was the Ford Angelia, which made me squeel right away. Of course I had to pose with this piece of history!


After waiting in line for half an hour, we finally entered the exposition. It started with a little sorting ceremony. Three volunteers of the public where lucky enough to be chosen and have the sorting hat on their hats. Guess who was one of those three lucky ones? Right! Me! Even the sorting hat said I was a Gryffindor! It’s totally official now!


After that you came into a room which showed parts of the movies, highlighting certain events. Then you went into another room, which had the Hogwarts express! Sadly enough, it was so dark that I couldn’t get a good picture. But I did notice these awesome pamflets and managed to get a picture of them!


After that we got to see the fat lady sing! It litteraly was a scene from the movie, which was hilarious!


A few things on display, which was really fun! They had so many things on display. Here you have Luna Lovegood’s want, the Quibbler and so much more to see!


They also had a few displays with what was in the suitcase of the characters. This was Ron’s!  It really gave you a look into their character.


Some stuff to make potions with. In the background you can see Prof. Slughorn’s costume and a little bit of Snapes.


We pulled out mandragoras! They actually screamed, which was hilarious. Also, I had to make this face.. Because I was totally in character, yes.. Absolutely! And it wa sway too fun to not make this face, hehe ~


There was so much to see! Like these quidditch robes. I found it a nice touch they didn’t only had Draco’s and Harry’s Quidditch robes, but also Cedric’s!


This was Hagrid’s hut. It looked sooo awesome! They even had the dragon egg laying on the table. I do think this was made bigger to be more impressive to the public. But it still looked very awesome!


I also got to sit in Hagrid’s chair! Look how tiny I am in that chair! Oh my god! Also, my inner fangirl is kinda showing in this picture.


They even showcased Hagrid’s pink ubrella and the monster handbook. A nice touch was that all the handbooks had different coloured eyes. Such a great eye for detail! (Eye for detail.. Do you get it? Because of the different coloured eyes.)


Here we have the actual Philosopher’s stone and the flying key. This is litteraly a childhood memory for me, because I was like.. 10-ish years old when the movie came out.


All of the Hocruxes! Except for Harry and Nagini, of course. Here you see the diary, the locket, the tiara, the cup & the ring! They even displayed the basiliskfang that destroyed the diary!


I think we spend 10 minutes reading the rules that Umbridge brought to Hogwarts… We laughed quite loud because some rules were just sooo ridiculous!


My friend & I had to pose at our respective flags and this awesome picture came out! Of course we needed this geeky friendship picture, especialyl when the flags were hanging right next to each other!


Here we have some customes from the goblet of fire. Look at Hermione’s dress! It was just as pretty in real as it had been in the movie. I also really liked the details in Ron’s robe! It surprised me quite a bit!


It was funny to see how small some of the actors actually were in comparison of my own length.. But also very nice to see how they were so different in length among themselves..


The invisabilty cloak!! Oh yeahh!! And the elderwand, which looked really cool!


Perfect for when you want to skip class! They had a display with Siving Snack Boxes and much more! I giggled way too much at this display.


They also displays all of these.. I was immediately hungry afterwards and wanted to visit a Honeydukes.


We ended our tour with Dobby! I was very tempted to give him my sock, but I figured they wouldn’t be quite happy with me if I did that!

As you can see, I absolutely loved the Harry Potter Expo! There was so much to do and see! It was amazing, really!

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