TomoParty 2017

In the Netherlands we have a japanese beach party every year. It’s one of my favorite events and I really do love it. I just really like the original idea of a japanese beach party in my own little country!

One thing was for sure: We were very lucky with the weather! It wasn’t incredibly warm, but they did say it was going to rain the entire weekend. In the end we only saw two or three showers and that was about it! The water was warmer than the air, which was kinda weird. But that still didn’t convince me to actually go INTO the water.. So I only dipped my feet into it and that was just fine with me.

There was also a little cosplay fashion show, which didn’t have a lot of contestants. But it was still fun to look at! Most cosplays were weather apropiate, so lots of skirts and shorts! I liked the slight beach-theme that everybody worked into their cosplays.

Look at this huge-ass twister! It was a fun game to play (I’m very bad at twister, which was good for a few laughs!). Some rounds were long, others were short, depending on who was playing, how many people were playing and all that. But it’s fun to play this with everybody!

OH MY GOSSHHH, they had bouncy castles! I couldn’t resist and jumped on it! It was populair with children, but also with the grown ups. I mean, helloooo!! Who would pass on a chance to actually bounce on a bouncy castle? I sure didn’t!

There also was a smash the watermelon game, like you see in those anime’s and manga. It’s such a fun game! You’re blindfolded and turned around and lead through the group…

And then you smash that watermelon! I am secretly really proud on this picture, because it’s perfectly timed! Look at that watermelon-smash! Right through the middle!

In short: TomoParty was a fun little event! I can’t really call it a convention, because it’s small and doesn’t have a lot of panels or workshops. It’s mostly sitting on the beach, doing a few games, talk with your friends and all that jazz. But it still was a lot of fun! Certainly an event I’ll return to next year.

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