Moshi Moshi Fair 2017

This year I went to Moshi Moshi Fair for the first time. It’s a market filled with geeky goodies, workshops and contests. I didn’t really know what to expect when I went to the fair. 

First of all, we had amazing weather! It was pretty hot and no rain (which is pretty much the most important part!). That made it quite pleasant to walk around on the market. There were quite some stands! I actually thought there would me more stands, but they still filled their space up pretty well!


There was enough to do and to see. There were workshops, for example. But also demonstrations and contests. There was this spicy ramen eating contest, which was really fun to see! I think I spend most time watching the demonstrations. It was too hot for me to join in on the workshops, which were mostly dance workshops.


There also was DDR, of course. Every conventions or anything japanese / anime related had this, a DDR stand! I’m still véry bad at it, even though I play it everytime. I am just too clumsy for it, I guess.


My personal highlight was the Shiba Kennel that was walking around. Yes, I cuddled with these little babies like crazy. They were soooo soft and fluffy! I just couldn’t resist cuddling up with them.


A convention is not complete without a bit of randomness with my friends. At least, for me. So when we discovered the playground.. we suddenly didn’t exactly feel like adults anymore. Suddenly we were five years old and the turny-thingy was the most amazing thing in the world! We had sooo much fun!

It was quite fun, I have to say! The combination of the market outside (which was free to enter, by the way), the workshops, demonstrations and especially the randomness with my friends made it a day to enjoy.

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