AnimeCon 2017

AnimeCon 2017 has been a blast and I had so much fun! The weekend had gone by so fast that before I knew it, it was time to go home already. Of course I have to tell you guys all about it!

First of all, coming home I discovered I did not take as much pictures as I thought I did. I hope to do better at the next convention, because I really want to show you guys how it has been! Of course, I have been vlogging as well.. So.. Maybe that balances it out? Please let me know in the comments below, if you think I should include more pictures!

AnimeCon is a dutch Anime Convention, from friday untill sunday. We slept in a hotel room, which was large and amazing. But the convetion itself was even more amazing! We saw a few workshops, chilled with a lot of friends, had lots of fun and much more!


There also were different Cosplay Competitions. All of the cosplays were so good and pretty! My favorite was the Snow White from this picture. Just look at how pretty that dress is! There were cosplayers from all around the world joining the cosplay compo. The cosplays also varied so much, they came from video games, animes, movies.. Just wow! They also had something called BorderCos, which is litteraly doing a cosplay act with cosplayers from another country. It was so much fun to see cosplayers from all around the world interact with each other!

The event started on Friday June 9th and finished on Saturday June 11th. It did not stop, actually. You could stay as long as you liked, as long as you had a weekend ticket. So saturday night we went to this show called ‘Your Anime Sucks’.. Which is two guys just completely trolling you and telling you why your anime sucks. It’s hilarious, really. We also visited the dealer room of course. There’ll be a video coming up with all the stuff that I bought!


I also visited the J-Horror Lecture. See this guy in the picture? His name is Dereck Vasconi and he’s a hero. He knew so much about Japanese Horror! Of course we all know I’m a big horror fan.. So I was practically fangirling and squeeling all the time. Certainly one of the highlights from the convention for me!

Everything about the convention was a lot of fun! I’m returning again next year for sure. I am already curious what kind of cosplays I will see, what kind of lectures and panels I will visit… There are so many possibilities! See you next year, AnimeCon!

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