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This has been one of those books that kept me reading from the beginning to the end. I loved it so much and just couldn’t put it away! Every free moment you could find me reading this book!

Author: Derek Vasconi
Format: Paperback
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Pages: 362
Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤
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Satsuki Takamoto is an invisible otaku teenager in Hiroshima. The only thing she has going for her is the upcoming birth of her sister. No longer will she be alone. But when her mother has a gory miscarriage right in front of her, Satsuki loses her one chance at happiness. She spirals into a deep depression, shutting out everyone and everything by locking herself inside her bedroom-for good. Her sadness, however, pales in comparison to her uncontrollable anger. It spreads like a nuclear fire, ambivalent to what or who it destroys, and won’t stop until Satsuki accepts her sister’s death.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Evanston, Illinois, Seul Bi Rissiello can’t sleep because every time she closes her eyes, she relives her adoptive parents’ gruesome deaths. Why is she thinking so much about them now, ten years afterward? As she struggles with working at a clinic for the mentally disturbed, Seul Bi starts to unravel under the weight of living a lonely life and being twice an orphan. Her life devolves into a series of ominous and dangerous hallucinations that threaten not only her sanity, but her very existence as well.

As both girls struggle to understand what is happening to them, their enigmatic connection comes into focus, raising the question: What if all the suffering in your life was carefully choreographed by somebody you’ve never met?


I got this book at Animecon, when I had decided to attend the J-horror lecture. Derek was giving it and at one point he simply said that he had two copies of his book and who was up front first would get a copy. So I ran to get one of these copies, naturally.

The first thing I absolutely loved about this book where the many japanese elements that were thrown into the mix. I must say the book had a bit of a slow start, but after reading the book I understand that this was needed to get the full feeling across. But when the first incidents began to happen, it all went very fast. Creepy, disgusting, traumatic.. These incidents were written so perfectly well that it felt like I was standing next to the characters and staring at it. The words on paper became images in my head. Exactly what I love about books.

Within no time I was attached to the characters in this book. They were written so well.. You really felt like you got to know them bit by bit. I love how you don’t get to know the history of the characters in one go, but that it just comes to you in bits and pieces. It makes you curious enough to continue reading. Very well done!

If you are like me and love Japanese Horror then please read this book! The build-up is pure perfection, the characters are so lively and the actual horror parts are written in great details. This book has become a personal favorite of mine!

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