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Welcome to The Geeky Brunette, my own little corner of the internet! In this first post it seemed like a smart idea to introduce myself first!Hi! I’m Angela, a 25 years old geek who loves to be passionate about all of her fandoms. It was pretty easy to describe myself, but you still don’t really know a lot about me, right? Well, let’s change that!

I’ll first tell a bit about my fandoms.. Or actually list them for you guys. I’m fan of: Steven Universe, Disney, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity falls, Anime, Manga, Kpop, Kdrama, Jpop, Jdrama, fantasy books, a lot of youtubers, RPG games, strategy games, pc games in general.. actually a whole lot! Let’s just say I’m one big fangirl and keep it at that. Otherwise this list will probably go on forever. I’m a fangirl at heart, I can’t help it!

And that’s what this blog is going to be about: It’ll be my own geeky little corner on the internet where I can rant and talk about all the things I love and share it with all of you! I am really excited to start writing for this blog. I’m not really going to do it about one specific thing, like books or something.. But I rather just write about whatever interests me at that moment! So you can expect a quite some diversity on this blog!

I hope you’re going to like my blog! Have fun reading ~

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