Geeky bloggers you need to follow!

Of course I follow my fair share of Geeky bloggers! I wanted to give these bloggers a little bit of time in the spotlights. So I’ll be sharing some geek bloggers you absolutely need to follow once in a while! Here’s the first bunch!
Cuteek is a darling girl who writes about all things geek! Just my kind of blog, obviously. She collects barbie dolls, loves cosplaying, gaming and much more! Her blogs goes all over the place, just like mine! Which is why I like it so much. It’s geeky with a personal touch!
Depepi was one of the first geeky blogs I ever encountered and I just loved it so much! She is not afraid to speak up and that’s what I like about this girl! Her personality is very present in her blogs. As you know I like it when blogs have that personal touch!
What I like most about Melificent’s blog? Except for everything, that she combines fashion with geekery! She wears her geekness with pride and I absolutely adore that! Her blog just speaks to me on so many levels… You have to take a look to fully understand!
First of all: Her layout is an absolute dream! She writes about food, her own life, books, Harry Potter, soooo much geekery! I love her Harry Potter recipes the most, as the Harry Potter – Obsessed nerd I am!

These are the first bunch of absolutely fabulous bloggers that you should follow! I’ll make a second post in a few months for sure. I hope you enjoy these blogs just as much as I do! And do you have a blog that I would probably love? Please share it with me, because I am always looking for awesome geeky blogs!


  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout! I’m glad that I’m already following all those geeky blogs, though I’m always looking for new ones :D.
    I’m also a fan of blogs with a touch of the author’s personality ;).
    By the way, I recommend SuperSpaceChick’s blog (in case you didn’t know her!) I bet you will love her blog too!

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