Rick & Morty – Season 3

So season 3 has strated for Rick & Morty, of course I am watching this cartoon as well! It’s different from the other cartoons I watch (Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Miraculous Ladybag..) as it’s actually targetted at Adults. I’ll tell you what I thought of the first three episodes of Rick & Morty season 3!

I’ll do this the usual way; I’ll go down the list of episodes, give a little synopsis and then tell you what the episode was about & what I thought of it. As I am typing this there are three episodes of Rick & Morty season 3 that already aired. These are: The Rickshank Rickdemption, Rickmancing the Stone & Pickle Rick. I’ve probably never typed Rick this many times ever before in my life.

The Rickshank Rickdemption
Rick executes an intricate plan. Summer and Morty have an argument about their grandpa that spins out of control.

This episode came as a complete surprise for me! Ofcourse they did say they would air an episode on april 1st, but let’s be serious here.. Who would believe that? Well, it aired.. And then we had to wait for a couple of months! But that was nothing compared to the time between the final of Season 2 and the premiere of season 3! The episode was mainly about Rick getting out of prison in a most badass way. Quite early in the episode we figure out that we’re in Rick’s memories and not just simply at a Diner with the whole Sanchez family. We also get our first glimps of Rick’s ‘wife’ (I don’t even think his wife looks like this, as it turns out to be a fabricated memorie) As the episode goes on we get thrown around quite a lot, as Rick hops from one brain into another. In the end Rick escapes. I do want to point out that Morty is getting darker, as he was ready to shoot his grandfather. Also, everything Rick does is because of the Mulan-special mcDonalds Szechuan Chicken McNugget Sauce. Ehm.. Okay.. Oh and something extra! In the post-credit scene we see Tammy reanimating Bird-person and renaming him Phoenix-person! We’ll probably see them quite often this season! And another thing: Beth & Jerry are getting a divorce. Seems kinda important too!

Rickmancing the Stone
Summer starts acting out in this one, broh. Morty goes ham too broh.

When I first saw this episode synopsis I was like ‘ok, what the fuck am I actually going to watch?’. It turned out to be a really good episode inspired by the madmax movies. I love the post apocolyptic feel that this episode has, I just have a weak spot for that… In this episode Summer is displaying tell-tale signs of escapism because of her parents divorce. Morty seems to be bottling it up inside of it. Which doesn’t really last long. Summer acts out as soon as they come into that madmax-world and she even kills a guy. Summer is the one getting wáy darker in this episode. Morty gets darker too, as he is injected by Rick with some kind of arm-thingy and then we have Armity. We have a thing called ‘musscle memory’ here, as the arm is going after the ones who killed him & his family when he died. Morty goes along and just rages out through the arm to get through his parents divorce. Summer on hte other hand just hooks up with one of the madmax guys. Rick is only in this all because they have a green-glowing rock (that reminds me of kryptonite) and wants it because it’s super powerfull. You know, basic Rick things! It’s quite nice to see how both Summer & Morty deal with their parents divorce, even though it’s through extreme manners. At one point Rick builts a whole society in this world, with the help of the green-glowing rock. Summer lives with madmax guy, even got married to him. Like what?! When did that happen?! Anyway, they break up. Rick, Morty & Summer go home and they steal the green-glowing-rock, obviously. In their own dimension Summer visits Jerry and that’s pretty much all that is important in this episode. Though.. I have a growing suspicion that Summer might be pregnant, because of those emotion swings and all that (And it didn’t seem like they had any protection in that world ánd we had a bit of forshadowing as their neightbours in the madmax world were also expecting a kid). But we’ll see in further episodes.

Pickle Rick
Rick turns himself into a pickle in one of his crazy experiments. The Smith family attends therapy.

Rick turns himself into a pickle. That’s pretty much all there is in this episode. He doesn’t want to go to family therapy and pretty much does everything to get out of it. The episode shows that Rick is really super smart and he makes a freaking bodysuit out of animal parts he finds in the sewers. He controles it by poking their brains with their tongue, just a little details I wanted to tell you guys. Morty, Summer & Beth go through a therapy. I forgot to mention that in the beginning Rick had a syringe tied above him with anti-pickle serum. Beth took it along to therapy to teach Rick a lesson, while denying that it IS anti-pickle serum. But we allllll know it is exactly that. In the end Rick ends up in therapy anyway, tells Beth it’s anti-pickle serum. He gets it in the car and we are treated to a scene which shows a pickle turning into a man. Yeah.. That’s pretty much the episode. I really liked it, because it’s weird and that is just só Rick & Morty.

That’s pretty much all the episodes that are out right now. I really enjoyed these first three episodes of Rick & Morty and am curious what the season will bring us. I liked Rickmancing the Stone the most, because I have that weakspot for post-apocolyptic worlds as I said before.

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