Game of Thrones season 7

So.. We all probably know that Season 7 of Game of Thrones has started. By now the first two episodes have come out… It is about time I did a 1st impression of these episodes! Be warned, this will contain a lot of spoilers for the first two episodes!

Episode 1 – Dragonstone
Jon Snow organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Samwell discovers crucial information. Daenerys comes home.

My 1st impression
There wasn’t a lot happening in this episode, but it was a really good set up! We had Daenerys getting to land, Jon leading the North, Sansa opening her mouth.. And of course I can’t forget Arya’s amazing opening scene! I think Arya’s opening scene was my favorite of the whole episode. What can I say? I have a major weakness for Arya, as she is my favorite character. “leave one wolf and the sheep are not safe.” Gotta love that sentence!
I really like how Jon Snow leads Winterfell.. I found myself rooting for Jon and just shaking my head for Sansa. Though Sansa has become something like a political mastermind. I think she picked that up from Cersei and Little Finger. Very curious how that will go. I love the fact that Jon simply insisted on his decision! You go, Jon!
Bran also finally returns into Westeros. For a moment I was afraid that Edd wouldn’t let Bran and Meera in, but in the end he did!
And then we have the map that Cersei made and showed to Jaime. I am curious what role this map will play in the big plan. I do know that the directors take great care of placing the actors in a scene. So I think that Cersei standing on the neck and Jaime on the fingers might play a bigger role in this.
Finally! Euron made another appearance! He wants to mary Cersei and promises her a gift to prove his loyalty. I think I already have a pretty good idea what this gift is, though..
By now you could hear my fangirl squeels, because Sam made an appearance! He seems to be having a hard time in the Citadel. He is doing the stinky jobs, quite litteraly stinky. I was surprised to find out that the Archmaester actually believed Sam’s story about the White Walkers. Also, Sam is becoming a biiiiit naughty. Stealing those books! Hehe ~ Pretty sure those are containing a LOT of very useful information.

Episode 2 – Stormborn
Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Sam risks his career and life. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros.

My 1st impression
This episode was a rollercoaster for me. We have the whole thing happening in Dragonstone, with Daeny & Varys, aftter that we have Melisandre. We learn that the translation of the prophecy has been faulty. “Prince” is genderless. Oh my! Things are getting interesting there! Then we get the whole thing with Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell. I’m happy to see Olenna return, because she is one though cookie! I really like her somehow, and I don’t exactly know why… In the end they come up with a plan and Greyjoy, Sand and Tyrell pledge to the Queen of Dragons. Well.. this is certainly getting more and more interesting right there!
Enter Cersei! She is giving this huge freaking speech and whatever to try and win over nobles. Yeah yeah, Cersei. You talk away and everything like that. I’m happy that Lord Tarly keeps his honor! But I do think that Jaime is going to turn on Cersei… Who is with me on this? We also get to visit the skulls of the dragon beneath the Red Keep (I have to admit, I had to look up the name of this place). There Qyburn shows Cersei a huge ballista which is tested on a dragonskull. Seems like they are preparing for a huge freaking fight! Things are heating up, yay!
Back to the North, once again we have a bit of a disagreement between Jon and Sansa. By now Sansa is starting to annoy me, with her constant standing up to Jon. To me, she seems too afraid to take action and simply wants to stay in the North. I think Jon is taking good decisions going out there and trying to gain the trust of Daenerys. She and her dragons will be very handy against the White Walkers. And then we have the whole dragon glass mine thingy that’s below Dragonstone. That has to be important for the story, otherwise they wouldn’t make such a huge deal about it! Also, love how Jon simply almost chokes Petyr when Little Finger told Jon that he loves Sansa as he loved Catelyn. Ewl-moment right there. Little Finger and Sansa is a biiiiig no-no for me. Also that disgusting lustfull gaze to Sansa… Ewwwl!!!
I’m glad that Arya meets Hotpie again! I had a bet going on that he would convince Arya to go to Winterfell instead of King’s landing, and I was right! Yay! We also get to see Nymeria again. I was a little bit sad when Nymeria turned out to not be attached to Arya anymore.. Like no! I really wanted Nymeria to join the pack again. But it’s also somewhere logical, since quite a bit of time went by.. So yeah..
Ohhhhh! Sam is turning badass! I love Sam more and more this season! First he’s stealing books and now he’s treating Jorah for Greyscale. You go, Samwell Tarly! Woohoo!
Let’s finish this with that huge fight on the ship, with the Sand Snakes, Yara, Theon, Ellaria, Euron and all the others. I must say I am very freaking disappointed. I seriously thought that Theon had gone through more character developement than this. He was able to stand up against Ramsey, but not Euron? That just doesn’t sit right with me, especially if you think about the fact that Ramsey has been the whole reason why Theon is like this now… My heart broke a little. But on the other side I really gained some love for Euron. He’s a well written Bad Guy. We just didn’t get enough time to get attached to him, since they entered him pretty late. The battle was pretty awesome, I loved the cinematic feel to it and how it was shot! So that was really well done. Also, I was right; Euron’s gift for Cersei are the Sandsnakes and all that! Ooh yeah!

This is my 1st impression of these episodes. What did you think about it? Share it in the comments because I’m really curious!

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